Sourcing and Maximizing Financial, Human and Intellectual Capital

What must leaders do to ensure results? More than ever before in history – follow our vision and purpose, follow our principles for managing that purpose, and follow all the people who will make an organization’s vision happen.

 Excerpt from The Leader of the Future | The Drucker Foundation

YOUR leadership is vital, indispensable…

  • To your company, organization, institution and
  • To your family and community

But the challenges that every leader faces – every day – are significant. A good leader surrounds herself or himself with strong people. An ancient proverb says “plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” 

Many things I cannot help you with! But here is what I’m really good at…

 I can offer you three areas of engagement which may benefit you or your organization:

  1. Transformative Change – Knowing and integrating your life mission and purpose with your business planning and goals.
  2.  Resource Development – Innovative methods of acquiring money, people or information.
  3. Global Sourcing – Access to original or secondary producers or suppliers of most anything 🙂 on every continent. 

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Client Reviews

Your processing of our staff time was reflective on the ways in which I have come to know you: totally concentrated on the essential issues; firmly in control of both the situation and the organization; and filled with compassion as you make the necessary transitions and adjustments. I’m so glad you are here, and I look forward to working with you for a long time.
Walker R.
Just wanted to express my personal thanks for Chapel today. I commend you for your direct approach. It brings such an inspiration to my heart as I have always preferred a direct approach style of leadership. I do appreciate your wisdom and the ministry the Lord has called you to lead. . . we have a great God with only Big Visions for His People.​
Maria B.
We engaged Ralph for a development and consulting project for our non-profit. One of the early deliverables was to help our board get engaged and better connected and designing our first retreat. Not only is Ralph very personable, but importantly, his facilitation skills were top notch. His level of engagement and then application of technical guidance to help us through processes was notable and critical to help our board feel connected and invigorated. Plus we were able to address and resolve several strategic issues and developed a road map for the year. Top notch engagement. One of the best I’ve experienced!
Alexander K.
I have known Ralph for over 12 years and have found him to be extremely competent in everything he does. His managerial skills are always honed in on each project that he takes on and in turn makes the people he works with that much better. Having a person like Ralph on your team you know the job will be completed on time with no complications. He is a true problem solver and works very well with people. We have done many projects together and all have been successful. He is a man of his word.
Roger P.
– ​Your essay re: When Did I See You Hungry evoked tears and admiration. We are all “blind, deaf or twisted” from time to time . . . all in need of reminders that “God loves us even we can’t tell him that we love him back.” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing and reminding.
David D.
When I think of Ralph Plumb whom I’ve known for 35+ years, three words come to mind, “energetic”, “integrity” and “compassion”. Nothing more need be said.
Stan S.
– Heard your spot on KNX news radio. Great! Go man go!
Giff C.



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