Transformative change

Change is inevitable. Thriving is a choice. Every individual and organization is headed in one of two directions – toward decline or toward deep, serious change. Choosing not to change is choosing slow death. Take advantage of our “individual” or “organizational” vision-based planning process called Strategic FuturingTM  This process engages you in reflection, visioning, analysis, dialogue, planning and action.  It is a navigational tool which will better integrate your personal vision and purpose with your business goals and objectives.

Resource Development

My professional experience includes all “traditional” methods of fundraising including public & private grants, direct solicitation, major donors and capital campaigns. But in today’s “experience economy”, with generational changes in giving patterns, increased dependence on earned income sources and exposure to too many options on multiple platforms – new strategies are needed. Let me help your organization develop innovative initiatives in social enterprise / social entrepreneurship. There are many options to explore.

Global Sourcing

I am a global strategist and connector with contacts in most of the approx.100 countries in which I have worked or traveled. If you need to locate products, people or finances let me know if I can assist you. Much of my engagement has been in the global health products space – pharma, lab, instruments, equipment, rapid tests, consumables, etc. But I have sourced many other products including bulk food, textiles, apparel, HBA, footwear, relief supplies etc. I also connect needed human resources particularly in unique or specialized areas. Likely I will “know someone, who knows someone.”


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