Creative Resource Development

My professional track record in all areas of “traditional” fundraising include major donor cultivation, public and private grants, direct response solicitation, social media, events, capital campaigns and more. But in this present environment of high competition and market saturation I would be excited to develop with you new sources of revenue based on innovative resource development strategies – such as public private ventures, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, monetization of donated product, specialized program funding and more.

Strategic Organizational Transformation

Change is inevitable but thriving is a choice. Every individual and organization is headed in one of two directions – toward decline or toward deep, serious change. Choosing not to change is choosing slow death (The Genysys Group) I will lead you individually or your organization through a vision-based planning process called Strategic Futuring®. This is a process which engages you in reflection, visioning, analysis, dialogue, planning and action. This is a navigational tool, to guide you toward the life you dream of creating. In this process you will create a vision for your life that his its own gravitational pull – drawing you step by step toward the future you dare to create. I also bring unique skills to the task of succession planning and offer confidential, executive coaching.


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