Dr. Ralph Plumb

   CAREER SUMMARY                                                              

Consummate CONNECTOR & CATALYST. Highly creative in sourcing financial, human and intellectual capital from an extensive global network of personal and professional relationships through travel in about 100 countries and the resulting projects, initiatives and business.

Current Professional Engagement

Previous Professional Experience 

   LIFE IS AN INTERESTING JOURNEY…                               

Not one of us can foretell or predict what will come our way, or how long we have to live. We experience both joy and pain, success and failure. We have times of wonder and periods of wandering. But we do have choices…and each has a consequence. As a 19-year-old I placed my trust in God, and determined that my path in life would not focus on the acquisition of material well-being, but serving vulnerable and disadvantaged children, women and men “at risk”. From what, you may ask?

SAMPLE OF Clients Served

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