Life is an interesting journey…

We experience joy and pain, success and failure. We have both times of wonder and wandering. God brings us through it all, if we seek Him and trust completely in His sovereignty.

And then…we become one of His wounded healers.

So after a truly amazing life “of wonder” including a few crucible life experiences which created a time of disorientation, “of wandering” I determined to pray and fast diligently.

Over the last four years years the Lord has impressed on me during times of fasting, worship and listening prayer, an “assignment” he has for me to accomplish. And He has blessed me with multiple prophetic affirmations through people of faith. During these inspired moments, I have experienced both a dream and a vision. The dream relates to His desire to release “captives” (Isa. 61: 1) from all types of bondage. The vision relates to His intention to use me as a divine connector for significant resources (Deut. 8:18) to be channeled to Kingdom committed ministries at this poignant time in salvation history. Holy Spirt has told me: “I have a large assignment for you”; “No man will shut the door I have opened for you”; “You desire to be used mightily against my enemy and his minions, and so you shall be.”

Motivated by this calling I did what I have often done in my life – I stepped out confidently with the expectation that God would be with me and that He would bless my efforts. After all, in my temporal work, I had raised an aggregate of about $2.3 billion in cash and in-kind resources for hundreds of programs. I created the strategic framework for The Kingdom Alliance. But I did not clearly discern God’s timing (which is always perfect, and which I often overlook). My initial discernment of the vision was also too small.  He intends to birth multiple, global Kingdom Alliances. I discovered that I was unequally yoked with the co-laborers that I sought to engage with. And most importantly, I wasn’t yet fully empowered and anointed to proceed.

A new team of intercessors has committed to this next phase of my journey and I share these four standing prayer requests:

  1. To instill in me a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit for power and boldness
  2. To grant me supernatural wisdom and discernment on how to proceed
  3. That Father God will quicken the heart and mind of those co-laborers that He has already ordained before the foundation of the world – and that we would be connected.
  4. Reveal the sources and channels of abundance that we are to steward

Until these matters are manifested I will do what He has instructed – I will . . . Pray. Rest. Trust.

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